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Forms and publications related to Membership and Employer Reporting are available below. Please click on the plan link for those specific to a certain pension plan.


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Independent Contractor Verification Form

Employer Reporting Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 1/2011) regarding retirement plan membership eligibility, contribution rates, and payroll reporting to ERSGA

2018/2019 Employer Contribution Rates for all Plans

ERS Contribution Rate History

ERS pension plan reporting contact information


ERS GASB 68 Actuary Report
ERS GASB 68 Auditor’s report June 30, 2016
ERS Note Disclosure - SFS
ERS Note Disclosure - No SFS

PSERS GASB 68 Actuary Report
PSERS GASB 68 Auditor’s report June 30, 2016
PSERS Note Disclosure

JRS GASB 68 Actuary Report
JRS GASB 68 Auditor’s report June 30, 2016
JRS Note Disclosure - SFS
JRS Note Disclosure - No SFS

LRS GASB 68 Actuary Report

Past GASB Reports and Note Disclosures


Employer Newsletter Spring 2017
Employer Newsletter Fall 2016

Employer Newsletter Spring 2016
Employer Newsletter Fall 2015
Employer Newsletter Spring 2015
Employer Newsletter Fall 2014
Employer Newsletter Spring 2014
Employer Newsletter Fall 2013
Employer Newsletter Spring 2013
Employer Newsletter Fall 2012
Employer Newsletter FY12 Q1
Employer Newsletter FY11 Q2
Employer Newsletter FY11 Q1
Employer Newsletter FY10 Q4
Employer Newsletter FY10 Q3
Employer Newsletter FY10 Q1
Employer Newsletter FY09 Q4

Training Presentations

Rehired Retiree Training Presentation

September 21, 2010 HB969 Teleconference presentation

May 19/20 Retirement Plan Eligibility Teleconference presentation

Retirement Plan_Eligibility Update