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For forms and publications specific to a certain pension plan, please visit your plan's Forms & Publications page:



Service Retirement Application - ERS
Disability Retirement Application - ERS
Refund Application - ERS*
Refund Application - GSEPS*

For other ERS applications, or applications for plans other than ERS, please visit your plan's Forms & Publications page.

Tax Forms & Information

Special Tax Notice - Safe Harbor
Federal Income Tax Substitute Form W-4P*
State Income Tax Substitute Form G-4P*

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Other Forms

COLA Study Committee Guidelines
Pension Benefit Estimate Request Form
HSCU Retiree Payroll Deduction Authorization
Retiree Change of Address Form*
Retiree Pension Direct Deposit Form*
Inactive Member Change of Address Form*

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Board Information

COLA Study Committee Guidelines

Plan Handbooks

ERS Handbook
PSERS Handbook
LRS Handbook
GJRS Handbook

GDCP Handbook


2017 Retiree Newsletter
2017 Active Employee Newsletter
2016 Retiree Newsletter
2016 Active Employee Newsletter
2015 Retiree Newsletter
2015 Active Employee Newsletter
2014 Retiree Newsletter
2014 Active Employee Newsletter
2013 Retiree Newsletter
2013 Active Employee Newsletter
2012 Retiree Newsletter
2012 Active Employee Newsletter


2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2009 Annual Report
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2001 Annual Report
2000 Annual Report

2017 Audit Report
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2012 Audit Report
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