ERSGA now supports online training classes for the State of Georgia’s retirement plan offerings.

Before you proceed please read the following carefully.

To register for a class, simply click the link to the Webinar Schedule below, choose the class you would like to attend, and click registration link to provide the necessary information for registration approval.

Classes offered by ERSGA have a limitation on the number of attendees who may register. Registration approval is on a first come, first served basis. If you register for a class and receive a registration denial email, it is because the class is full. In this event, please register for another class that fits your schedule. If the class is not full, you will receive a registration acceptance email with log-in information for the webinar.

The following classes are offered by ERSGA online:

The Employees’ Retirement System Overview (1hr 15min)

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In this class ERSGA provides a basic overview of how the system works. Information is presented for the Old Plan, the New Plan, and GSEPS. The information presented will cover employee contributions to the plan, how retirement benefits are calculated, information on the ERS Group Term Life Insurance, and designation of beneficiaries.

ERS Service Retirement Application Instructions (1hr 30min)

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This session will provide important information about applying for retirement. You should be planning to retire within the next 6 months to get the maximum benefit from this class. The entire ERSGA retirement application is covered and additional facts are provided to employees on what they can expect from the Employees' Retirement System as they enter in to retirement. Having an application on hand while attending this class is highly recommended. You may download one here.

Please note: Unlike the in-person wrap sessions we have on an ongoing basis at ERSGA, only information regarding the ERSGA retirement application will be presented in this webinar. We do not discuss information on state health benefits or flexible benefits during this webinar.

Peach State Reserves Overview (30min)

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This presentation will give a brief overview of how the Peach State Reserves 401(k) and 457 investment savings plan operates. Topics will include the benefit of participating in the plan, making contributions to the plan, the plan's investment options, and advisor services. All are encouraged to attend this webinar as this benefit is provided to any employee covered by ERSGA.

GSEPS/New Hire Retirement Benefit Information (1 hour)

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This session is designed for any employee that has been hired in to the Georgia State Employees Pension and Savings Plan (GSEPS). The webinar will cover important retirement benefit information for new employees as well as anyone who has been hired to the State of Georgia since 1/1/2009. Topics include 401(k) enrollment and match, pension benefit calculations, and designation of beneficiaries.

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