Alert – Refund Applications


Effective Immediately:

Do NOT hand out ERSGA Refund Application forms!

We are asking all Employers to STOP handing out paper Refund Applications to terminating employees.  Instead, a Member should apply for a refund online by signing in to their Online Account and clicking the Request a Refund box. 


  • A termination date must be on file for the Member applying. 
  • Use the Ad Hoc Termination tool on your Employer Desktop to enter and submit the date to update your terminating Member’s accounts to Inactive status.
  • If we receive a refund application for a member who still shows as active, please reply to our email so we can continue the process.

The online refund application process is more accurate, complete and faster for everyone.

Please destroy all copies of blank Refund Applications you have lying around.

Thank you for your partnership!