GSEPS and PSR Presentations


GSEPS Plan Overview/New Hire Orientation

PSR Overview

Important Notes

Since these presentations were released, there have been some changes/updates to PSR plans.

Roth Contributions

Members can now make Roth contributions to PSR accounts. Roth contributions offer several advantages, including tax-free distribution of contributions and earnings when you retire. 

For more information about making Roth contributions to your PSR account, please read our guide: Understanding Roth Contributions and Savings Plan Options

Please note that electing to make Roth contributions will not result in the same reduction in taxable income as when making pre-tax contributions. Roth contributions may also not be eligible to roll over into a Traditional IRA or other retirement plan if you leave service with the state and roll your 401(k) or 457 into another retirement plan.


Included in PSR investment options are Lifecycle Funds and Target Maturity Bond Funds. These funds periodically change or expire. To see the most up-to-date list of funds, please visit the PSR Fund Information page.