Retirees: It’s Annual Enrollment Time for Health and Flexible Benefits!
Begins October 17th


It’s Fall again, and with the change in the seasons comes Annual Enrollment time.  As you know, there is no Annual Enrollment for your retirement benefit. Your pension will continue to be paid to you each and every month without any action on your part. However, this is a good time to review your beneficiary designations. Use the Log In button above to sign in to your ERSGA account.

For retirees with health benefits through SHBP, the 2022 Retiree Option Change Period (ROCP) for Plan Year 2023 begins October 17, 2022 and ends November 4, 2022. This year’s ROCP will include in-person meetings, in addition to the virtual meetings online or by phone, to discuss Plan Options for the 2023 Plan Year. 

The 2023 Retiree Decision Guide and instructions on how to attend virtual meetings, either online or by phone, has  been posted to the SHBP website at


If you are satisfied with your SHBP plan, you don’t need to take any action. You will be re-enrolled in your current plan.

If you have Dental or Vision insurance through Georgia’s Flexible Benefits, visit GABreeze at for more information about your coverage and your premiums.

Happy Fall!