Retirees: It’s Annual Enrollment Time for Health and Flexible Benefits!


It’s Fall again, and with the change in the seasons comes Annual Enrollment time.  As you know, there is no Annual Enrollment for your retirement benefit.  Your pension will continue to be paid to you each and every month without any action on your part.  However, this is a good time to review your beneficiary designations.  Use the Log In button above to sign in to your ERSGA account.

If you have retiree healthcare through SHBP (the State Health Benefit Plan), please visit their website at to read about the Skip The Phones Campaign.  If you need to make healthcare changes, you can use the SHBP Enrollment Portal Link on that page.

If you have Dental or Vision insurance through Georgia’s Flexible Benefits, visit GABreeze at for more information about your coverage and your premiums.

Happy Fall!