How To


How to…

Allocate and Pay Invoices

Where: On the Employer Desktop

  • Click Maintain Monthly Summary Report
  •  Go to the Invoice tab and select the invoice(s) you want to allocate.
  • After allocating the invoice(s), return to the reports tab and enter the total amount of the allocated invoices in the total invoice adjustments line, calculate, and save.
  • Submit your summary report.

Why: In order to protect the Members’ benefits, it is the duty of the Plan and its representatives and Employers to make sure all monies owed the Plan are paid. If payment of an invoice is not timely, the Pension fund is shorted. If these unpaid invoices become substantial, it can create a funding shortfall in the Plan. This shortfall will be refl ected in Employer Contributions.

When: Payment is due upon the receipt of an invoice.

Final Forfeited Leave Certifications

Where: On the Employer Desktop

  • Click Forfeited Leave Certification.
  • For non-statewide employers, you must complete a preliminary certification.
  • For statewide agencies, a preliminary certification is automatically completed from the last posted contribution row.

All final certifications will be available two business days prior to the Member’s termination date. All certifications are due upon receipt.

Why: Forfeited Leave Hours are used in the calculation of member retirement benefits for additional service credit.

Note: The Pension Fund pays the cost for certified Forfeited Leave service for all retirements as of July 1, 2022 and beyond.

Ad Hoc Terminations

Where: On the Employer Desktop

  • Click Ad Hoc Termination Reporting
  • Click on both the ERS and GDCP plans
  • Complete steps 1, 2, and 3 to ensure the termination data is received by ERSGA.

Note: Any employer that has GDCP members that are inactive for more than 12 months must be terminated immediately.

Why: Termination data must be received for Member accounts to remain accurate and to allow members to apply for refunds using the online system.

When: This information is updated each month when the employer file is received.