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New Member
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What to do:

Welcome to the Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia (ERSGA). We look forward to partnering with you toward a comfortable retirement!

As a New Member, it is important for you to take the following actions now:

  • Register for and log in to your online account. By registering for your online account you can:
    • Review and confirm/designate beneficiaries
    • Generate a benefit estimate to see the pension benefit you might be entitled to at retirement
  • View/update your profile information, including email address
  • Check your Personal Correspondence folder 

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The important sections to review in your Plan Handbookare:

  • Contributions
  • Service
  • Benefits Eligibility
  • Service Retirement and/or Benefit Formula

Additional financial considerations for new employees:

  • Live within your financial means:

    • Review all of your finances to know where you stand. Then create a monthly budget.
    • Reduce your spending habits. Little changes can add up to big savings!
    • Review & shop around for expenses such as: utilities, home or car insurance policies, internet and cable. 
  • When it comes to saving for retirement, it is never too early to increase your contributions. Time is your biggest advantage to save for a wonderful retirement!

  • Save for an emergency: 8 months of expenses

  • Student debt: Pay on time and the highest interest loan first.

  • Credit card debt:

    • Pay on time and always pay at least minimum balance.
    • Pay off highest interest card first and then move on to the next.
    • Do you know your credit score? Check your free credit report yearly for accuracy.
  • Cyber security protection for your information and access points:
    • Giving out personal information
    • Passwords
    • Secure WIFI
    • Build a cash reserve savings account for emergency expenses. 
  • Four must-have documents:
  1. Will
  2. Revocable living trust
  3. Durable power of attorney for finances
  4. Durable power of attorney for healthcare

401(k) or 457 Rollovers

Rollover from a Previous Employer into a Peach State Reserves (PSR) 401(k) or 457

A rollover is when the money in a current qualified retirement account is directly transferred to a new qualified retirement account.

Rolling over a retirement account from a previous employer to PSR may save you a substantial amount of money in fees. Click here to view a list of PSR fees for comparison with your current plan.