Peach State Reserves


Q&A: Supplemental Guaranteed Lifetime Income (SGLI)

What is SGLI?

Senate Bill 55 was passed during the 2019 Legislative session, permitting ERS retirees to use funds in Peach State Reserves to purchase a supplemental annuity from ERS.  The SGLI is a program that can be used to provide additional financial security during retirement through lifetime monthly benefit payments.


401(k) or 457 Rollovers

Rollover from a Previous Employer into a Peach State Reserves (PSR) 401(k) or 457

A rollover is when the money in a current qualified retirement account is directly transferred to a new qualified retirement account.

Rolling over a retirement account from a previous employer to PSR may save you a substantial amount of money in fees. Click here to view a list of PSR fees for comparison with your current plan.