Peach State Reserves


Peach State Reserves (PSR)

The Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia (ERSGA) is the plan sponsor for the State of Georgia’s 401(k) and 457 plans, collectively referred to as Peach State Reserves (PSR).

ERSGA partners with GaBreeze to provide employees with an easy and effective way to save for retirement through PSR.

If you need additional information, contact GaBreeze:


Phone: 877.342.7339 


The following state employees are eligible to save in PSR:

  • ERS members (for information specific to the GSEPS, or Tier 3, plan, please see the GSEPS section below)
  • LRS members
  • GDCP members who are non-temporary and non-seasonal
  • Certain employees at Community Service Boards, Georgia Lottery Corporation, Baldwin County schools, Henry County schools, and Walton County schools (for eligibility rules, check with your local HR office)
  • Certain JRS members (for eligibility rules, check with your local HR office)
  • Eligible Tax Commissioners

PSR Features and Benefits:

  • Tax-deferred (pre-tax) contributions and earnings
  • Lowering your taxable income through pre-tax contributions
  • After-tax, or Roth, contribution option for tax-free distributions in retirement
  • Variety of investment options
  • Low fees


GSEPS members of ERS are automatically participants in PSR.

The PSR 401(k) plan is a core component of your retirement benefit. Saving at least 5% in your PSR 401(k) plan means you receive the full employer match based on your years of creditable service.

Your Contribution Employer Match
1.0% 1.0%
2.0% 2.0%
3.0% 3.0%
4.0% 4.0%
5.0% 5.0%

Starting with your sixth year of service, you will earn an additional half percent each year until you reach a maximum match of 9%.

GSEPS members should visit the GSEPS section of this site, as it includes information about the PSR 401(k) plan.  

GSEPS Plan Page

General Information

General PSR information for all PSR participants can be found below and in the PSR Handbook in the link to the right.

To enroll in PSR, or to make changes to your existing account, please visit:


Or call 1.877.342.7339

Useful Documents and Forms

401(k)/457 Plan Comparison
PSR - Quick Roth Contribution Savings Option
Understanding Roth Contributions and Savings Plan Options
Annual Leave Agreement Form for Separating Employees
FLSA Agreement Form


Changes to Peach State Reserves
Updated May 2024

Changes are periodically made to the PSR 401(k) and 457 Plans. These changes are a result of the federal SECURE Act, as well as PSR administrative decisions. 

No Plan changes for 2024
Effective January 1, 2023:

401(k) and 457: The age for Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) was raised from 72 to 73. (SECURE Act)


Supplemental Guaranteed Lifetime Income (SGLI)

ERS Retirees can Convert Peach State Reserves funds to Guaranteed Monthly Income

Supplemental Guaranteed Lifetime Income (SGLI)

ERS retirees can now use funds in Peach State Reserves to purchase a supplemental annuity from ERS. The SGLI is a program that can be used to provide additional financial security during retirement through lifetime monthly benefit payments.

For more information, please visit the SGLI main page.