Legislative Retirement System


Legislative Retirement System (LRS)


The following individuals are eligible for membership in LRS:

  • Members of the General Assembly

Membership in LRS is optional for General Assembly members. All active Members of LRS prior to July 1, 2012 will remain so until they leave office.

Effective July 1, 2012, anyone who first or again becomes a member of the General Assembly and is not already an active Member of LRS may make an irrevocable election at the beginning of each term of office to become a Member of LRS within two months of taking office. Once the election to become a Member of LRS is made, the election remains in force for all subsequent consecutive terms of office.

If you do not elect to participate in LRS, you will be given an opportunity to elect to become a Member upon your subsequent reelection to the General Assembly at the beginning of your next term of office. However, any such later election of LRS membership will be from that date forward only. You will not be eligible for credit for your service in the General Assembly prior to your election to become a Member of LRS.

If you decline to become an active LRS Member, you will be prohibited from participation in any other public retirement or pension system while serving in the General Assembly. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether your participation in LRS is the right decision for you.

Effective for all active members contributing on and after January 1, 2022, the benefit formula is $50 per month for each year of service, with the exception of members who serve as presiding officer of the House of Representatives (Speaker) who will receive an additional benefit for such Presiding Creditable Service.


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Governed by the ERS Board of Trustees

The Legislative Retirement System (LRS) Board of Trustees is governed by the ERS Board of Trustees and consists of 7 members who are appointed or elected for a term of four years.

Click below for board members, contact information, and meeting details.


LRS History

On July 1, 1967 the Legislative Retirement System (LRS) began its operation. LRS was established to provide members of the General Assembly with retirement benefits based on their years of dedicated service to the State of Georgia. Since 1967 there have been several major changes to the laws governing the LRS.