LRS History


On July 1, 1967 the Legislative Retirement System (LRS) began its operation. LRS was established to provide members of the General Assembly with retirement benefits based on their years of dedicated service to the State of Georgia. Since 1967 there have been several major changes to the laws governing the LRS.

The most significant were in 1971, when LRS was merged with the Employees’ Retirement System and in 1981 when LRS was reactivated. Members of the General Assembly who held office prior to 1981 were afforded the opportunity to transfer their membership from the Employees’ Retirement System to the LRS.

Any member who elected to transfer from the Employees’ Retirement System to the Legislative Retirement System did not forfeit any rights or privileges possessed under the Employees’ Retirement System at the time of transfer.

Service in the General Assembly after January 1, 1986 shall only be creditable under LRS.