ERS Personal Benefit Statements
February 27, 2020


Personal Statements of Retirement Benefits

Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia (ERSGA)  mailed annual Personal Statement of Retirement Benefits to ERS members on February 27, 2020.

This integrated statement combines  ERSGA pension benefits and Peach State Reserves (PSR) (if applicable) balances to provide an overview estimate of where members currently stand in achieving their retirement goals. In addition, if members have a PSR balance, their Social Security estimate will be factored into the summary.

Viewing Your Statement

Log into your account using the Log In button at the top of the page:

  • Review your information and make sure it is all correct, including beneficiaries.
  • To view your Personal Statement of Retirement Benefits online, click Personal Correspondence.

If you did not receive a Personal Statement of Retirement Benefits in the mail, please access your ERSGA account online to ensure we have your correct mailing address.  If the address is wrong, please contact your Human Resources (HR) department to verify they have your correct address and have them contact ERSGA with any questions.

For more information about your statement, please see the Integrated Statement FAQ here.

Please be sure to keep this statement with your other important paperwork.

We appreciate being a partner in your retirement goals!