Payment, Tax, and Insurance Information



Retirees receive a monthly retirement benefit. Payments are made the last working day of each month.

Tax Withholding

The easiest way to change your tax withholding is to access your account on our Retiree Self-Service website and make your change online by clicking the Log In button at the top of the page.

You can also download a federal or state tax withholding form on your plan page by choosing Forms by Plan under the Forms menu above. Complete and return or fax this to ERSGA.

Special Note: If the form is received in our office by the 18th of the month, the tax change will take effect that month. However, if the tax form is received after the 18th, then the tax change will take effect the next month.


Health Insurance

Note: ERSGA cannot change your health insurance coverage. There is an Open Enrollment period for retirees in the fall of each year for coverage for the upcoming calendar year.

There are situations in which coverage can be changed outside of the Open Enrollment period, like divorce or death of a spouse.

For assistance with Health Insurance call SHBP directly at 404.656.6322 or 1.800.610.1863.

Dental Insurance

Note: ERSGA cannot change your dental insurance coverage. For assistance with dental insurance call direct at 404.656.2730 or 1.888.968.0490.