Peach State Reserves (PSR)
Termination Information


When separating from state employment, you are entitled to your vested funds in a PSR account.

Vested Balances of $1,000 or Less

Note: Any money in Self-Directed Brokerage Window must be moved back into core funds to be removed from account

  • Account automatically paid out according to date indicated on Separation From Employment Notice (approximately 90 days)
    • If account balance has increased above $1,000 on payment processing date, payment will not process
  • PSR Plan(s) account balances need to remain above force-out threshold of $1,000
  • Account balances are reviewed on quarterly basis
  • Account balance will be paid out as cash in 90 days if below $1,000 force-out threshold
  • Participant can access YBR or call BC prior to force-out date to request payment
    • If force-out pending customer can request total distribution which cancels force-out
    • If affidavit not received and approved, another force-out triggered when quarterly force-out process run