Rehired Retirees


Any employer (as defined in O.C.G.A § 47 2-1(17) and O.C.G.A § 47 2-112(a)) that employs a retired plan member must notify the Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia (ERSGA) in writing within 30 days of the employee’s acceptance of employment. If the retired plan member performs more than 1,040 hours in any calendar year, the employer must also notify the board of trustees as soon as such information is available. Any employer that fails to notify ERSGA as required must reimburse the retirement system for any overpaid pension benefits.

A retired plan member returning to the service of an ERSGA-covered employer is required to inform the employer of his or her retirement status prior to accepting such position. Failure of the retired plan member to provide notice of retirement status can result in liability to the member in the event of a pension overpayment.

Please reach out to your Employer Reporting Contact with any questions.