Retiree FAQ


When do I get paid?

Retirees receive a monthly retirement benefit. Payments are made the last working day of each month.

When do I receive a Cost of Living Adjustment? (COLA)

If granted, COLAs are given in July and January of each year. This means July 31 and January 31 monthly benefit checks would include a COLA.

Will I get a statement or check stub each month?

No. You only receive an advice (check stub) when the net amount of your check changes due to Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs). This usually occurs in January and July. Due to the high cost of printing and mailing, ERS does not send out advices if there is a change in health or dental premiums or a change to the tax tables. Check information is available on-line at our website,, and through bank account records via the internet, telephone, and/or bank statements.

How do I request Credit Union deductions from my monthly pension check?

Retirees may deduct a portion of their monthly pension check through two Credit Unions: the Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU) or the Georgia United Credit Union (GUCU).  Retirees must contact APCU or GUCU directly to begin deductions and should direct all questions and concerns relating to deductions to the credit union.

APCU 404-768-4126
GUCU 770-476-6400

How do I get my name changed on my records?

You must send in a written notice stating to change your name. Your note must include your former full-name, social security number and your new name. Please include legal documentation, such as marriage certificate or divorce decree.

How can I change my address?

The easiest way is to access your account on our Retiree Self-Service website and make your change on-line, or you can send a letter to ERS that includes name, social security number, new address, signature and date.


ERS can mail you a change of address form to complete and send back to ERS or fax to (404) 350-6305.

How can I change my direct deposit or have my check directly deposited into my bank account?

The easiest way is to access your account on our Retiree Self-Service website and make your change on-line, or download a direct deposit form from our website and fax or mail to ERS. You will need to attach a blank check or copy of a check (if faxing) from your checkbook, marked “void,“ to the direct deposit form. Your name must be on the account or that of a responsible party, such as power of attorney or guardian.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that once this form is received, your first check will be mailed to your home address. The subsequent checks will be directly deposited into your checking or savings account as requested.

How can I stop my direct deposit?

Direct Deposit is Mandatory. You can change your banking institution by completing a direct deposit form.

Mail or fax a letter to ERSGA requesting to stop direct deposit of monthly retirement check. Include name, social security number and signature on the letter.

How can I change my tax withholdings?

The easiest way is to access your account on our Retiree Self-Service website and make your change online, or download a federal and/or state tax withholding form. Complete and return or fax this to ERS.

Tax withholding is not made for any state other than Georgia.

Special Note: If form is received in our office by the 18th of the month, the tax change will take effect that month. However, if the tax form is received after the 18th, then the tax change will take effect the next month.

How do I change my health insurance coverage?

ERS can not change your health insurance coverage. There is an Open Enrollment period for retirees in the fall of each year for coverage for the upcoming calendar year. There are situations in which coverage can be changed outside of open enrollment period, like divorce or death of spouse. You will need to call health insurance directly @ (404) 656-6322 or 1-800-610-1863 for assistance.

How do I change my dental insurance coverage?

ERS can not change your dental insurance coverage. You will need to call the dental insurance administrator directly @ 1-877-342-7339 or visit GaBreeze.