1099 Frequently Asked Questions
January 10, 2022


1. When will my 1099 be mailed for the year 2021?

1099s will be mailed by Monday, January 31, 2022.

2. Can I see my 1099s online?

Yes!  If you received pension payments, a lump sum refund, or are a beneficiary who was paid a death benefit during calendar year 2021, your 1099 is available online.  Use the Log In button at the top of this page to log into your account.

3. Are health and dental deductions included on my 1099?

Yes, the total for the calendar year is located in Box 5. Health and dental deduction totals are calculated based on the month deductions were taken, not the month of coverage. For example, December’s deduction is for January coverage. Every December your deductions change based on the new cost of your January coverage. Therefore, to calculate your deduction totals for the calendar year, add 11 months at the previous rate and one month at the new rate.

4. What are non-taxable contributions?

Non-taxable contributions are after tax contributions you made while employed. It appears on your 1099 as the difference between your Gross Distribution and Taxable Amount. The interest accumulated on those contributions is taxable. If you elected to receive a rollover to a financial institution for the interest, that will appear on a separate 1099 and is not taxable until you withdraw those funds from the rollover institution. Your 1099 for the refunded contributions will have zero in Box 2a, Taxable Amount. If you elected to have both contributions and interest refunded directly to you, the taxable amount on your 1099 will report the accumulated interest.

5. What if my address is incorrect?

If your address is incorrect, the US Postal Service will not forward your 1099. Please log in to your online account to update your address and view your 1099.

6. 1099s for deceased cases are mailed to whom?

These will be mailed to the last address on file when the 1099 was prepared.