Disability Retirement


Application Process

The Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) is implementing two changes to the disability retirement application process as follows:

1. ERS has redesigned the Application for Disability Retirement (click here to download a copy). This redesign requires that the following supporting documentation (five parts) be submitted as part of the application: 

  • Part I – Retirement Application – Demographics, Option selection, Beneficiary designation
  • Part II – Employee’s Disability Self-Report
  • Part III – Employer’s Disability report
  • Part IV – Physician’s Report (a separate form for each physician or medical provider)
  • Part V – Current Detailed Job Description

Applications received without all of the aforementioned five parts will be returned to the applicant for completion. Only upon receipt of the complete application packet as stated above will a disability application be considered filed with this office. Please note that the applicant is required to provide a copy of their detailed job description as part of the application (Part V) and also to each medical provider (see checklist).

2. Upon submission of a disability retirement application, an employee is stating they are incapable of performing their job duties. As a result, an additional change to the process requires that an applicant not return to work during the application process. The employee must be placed in a leave status, either leave with pay or leave without pay. If an employee returns to duty, the disability application will be null and void. Please note that the employee certifies on Part II of the application that they are no longer working and that upon return to work, the application is void. The Human Resources Director certifies on Part III of the application that the employee is no longer working and that ERS will be notified in the event the applicant returns to work.

ERS Disability – Application Filing Process & FAQ’s

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact our office at 404-350-6300 or 1-800-805-4609.