GMPF Forms


Important Note: Photo ID required for most forms

Be advised that using the forms below, you may be required to provide a copy of your photo ID along with the form.

  • For forms with an asterisk (*), for faster service you can use your ERSGA secure online account and will not be required to provide photo ID.
  • Read the instructions carefully to ensure the correct photo ID is provided when submitting the form.
  • Important! Photo ID copy must be clear and legible. ERSGA must be able to read the ID number, name, date of birth, and expiration date on the submitted copy of your photo ID.
  • If a photo ID is not provided or is illegible or expired, the form will not be processed.
  • Only submit a copy of your photo ID. Do not send an original photo ID.

Active and Inactive Members

Retirement Application
Retiree or Inactive Change of Address Form*

Retired Members 

You can use your ERSGA online account to update your home address or direct deposit information, make changes to your federal and state withholding, and even create a benefit verification letter.  Using your online account is fast, easy, and secure!

Retiree or Inactive Change of Address Form
Retiree Pension Direct Deposit Form
Federal Income Tax Form W-4P*
State Income Tax Form G-4P*

*Use your ERSGA online account for faster service.