Tax Withholding Changes


Generally, pension and annuity payments are subject to federal income tax withholding. Each year in January, ERSGA updates its systems’ withholding tables to reflect the latest IRS guidance. These changes may impact your 2019 monthly net payment amounts. You can access your payment statement by the Log In button at the top of this page.

This may also be a good time to review your tax withholding levels for 2019! Retirement Income Exclusion (GA Residents Only) Taxpayers who are 62 or older, or permanently and totally disabled regardless of age, may be eligible for a retirement income adjustment on their Georgia tax return. Retirement income includes:

  • Income from pensions and annuities
  • Interest income
  • Dividend income
  • Net income from rental property
  • Capital gains income
  • Income from royalties: Please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue for more information on claiming the exclusion.

Please note that ERSGA does not provide tax advice. For questions about your taxes, please consult an accountant.