Total Retirement Awareness Counseling (TRAC)


Are you ready to retire in the next six months? Let us help get you on the right TRAC!

TRAC is a phone or Zoom appointment with one of our retirement experts to help you prepare for your retirement. Topics reviewed include:

  • Retirement Options
    • Estimates
    • PLOP ( Partial Lump sum Option Payment)
    • Escalating Option
    • Air Time purchase at retirement
  • State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) Overview
  • Social Security
  • Peach State Reserves (PSR)
    • Lifetime Annuity purchase after retirement

Please schedule a week in advance of your desired appointment date so we can prepare for your personalized meeting.

Members must have a current estimate prior to the appointment.

Call us at 404.350.6300 
Toll Free: 800.805.4609 (outside metro Atlanta area)