Updating Your Beneficiary Information
In Retirement


When you retired, you selected a form of pension payment. If you selected a monthly benefit that continues to your beneficiary after your death, it is important for ERSGA to have your beneficiary’s current information on file.

Use the Log In button at the top of the page to access your secure account and confirm the following information is updated for your designated beneficiary(ies): 

  • Phone number(s)
  • Mailing address
  • Email address

For security reasons a Retiree cannot change a primary pension beneficiary(ies) directly on our website; you will need to send us your changes in writing. This information is also available on the second page of the Retiree Change of Beneficiary Form.

Please note: As a Retiree, there are only a few specific circumstances under which you may be able to change your current beneficiary. For example, if your spouse is your sole primary beneficiary and they predecease you, if you were to re-marry in the future you may be able to designate your new spouse to receive a monthly pension upon your death.

If you have questions about these circumstances, or your particular situation, you can contact ERSGA by phone or by using our Customer Care Group Contact Form.

ERSGA Phone Number: 404.350.6300 or 1.800.805.4609 (outside metro Atlanta area).

An ERSGA representative will be happy to help you.

Group Term Life Insurance (GTLI) Beneficiary(ies)

If you are covered under GTLI, you can view, update, or change your beneficiaries at any time by using the Log In button at the top of the page to access your secure account. Your GTLI beneficiary(ies) are different from your pension beneficiaries, so please make sure they are up to date.